Warawaraweg 13, Willemstad, Curacao


Making a reservation

Q: Are the nightly rates on the website per person?

A: The nightly rates on the website are per room and not per person. The weekly tariff is 7x the nightly rate. The basic nightly tariff includes the Master Suite. The use of the second bedroom is $20 per night. The maximum number of persons per room is two. An exception is the use of the rollaway bed or baby bed.

Q: How do we make payment?

A: We will send you our bank details. It is also possible to pay with a Visa or Master Card. The Central Bank of Curacao does not allow us to accept payments via PayPal.

Q: What does the tariff include?

A: The nightly tariff includes:
– Welcome drink
– 10 Nespresso capsules, at arrival
– Wi-fi usage
– Water usage and electricity usage of 25 kWh per day for 1 bedroom and 35 kWh per day for 2 bedrooms
– Twice-a-week service consists of a change of linens, cleaning, and the disinfection of high traffic areas
– Bath and Beach towels in the linen cupboard
– Cobb barbecue and stone
– Dishwashing and dishwasher liquid
– Hand soap and bath soap
– Paper products: toilet paper, tissues, napkins, kitchen paper, coffee filters
– Bin bags

Q: Are there any surcharges on top of the rates mentioned on the website?

A: There is a one-off $50 surcharge for the use of a rollaway bed or a baby bed and high stool.

The Tourist Tax is 7% over the final amount.

The rate for over-usage of the electricity allowance is $ 1 per kWh.

Q: Why is there an electricity allowance?

A: Island electricity is expensive. Plus, we support sustainable tourism. We read the meter on arrival and departure. Your electricity allowance is dependent on the number of bedrooms you are renting per night. There is ample energy to have all air-conditioners running for at least 8 hours per night.

Q: Is the 2nd Bedroom locked if not used?

A: The unused room is not locked, but neither is the bed made up. You will be the only ones in the accommodation, which is entirely yours.

Q: Is it possible to have a late checkout? Is there a fee?

A: The fee for late checkout is 30% of the nightly rate. Should new guests arrive on the same day, late checkout is not possible. In which case checkout is at noon.

Q: Do you give discounts for a more extended stay or last-minute bookings?

A: We give a discount for a stay of two weeks or longer. The discount depends on the season and the duration of your vacation. Please ask for a last-minute discount, when booking within one week of arrival.

Q: May we have an option for a certain period until we finalize our travel plans?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot give options, as we list our accommodations on many different platforms. Some of these platforms have instant bookings.

Q: Is there a contract?

A: The account is the contract plus the Curacao Ocean Resort rules, which you are required to sign. Everyone in your party needs to be made aware of the resort practices.

Q: Is there an Information Book?

A: Yes, there is an Information Book in each apartment. You will find the wi-fi and gate codes, how to use the TV decoders, washing machine, the pre-paid telephone, and other useful information.

Q: Are your accommodations challenging to reach?

A: No, our apartments are not difficult to reach. Our apartments are in a tourist area and 10 minutes away from where Amber lives. The historical, UNESCO World Heritage, center of Willemstad, various beaches, shops, and restaurants, are within 10-15 minutes from our apartments.

Q: Are these accommodations in a safe neighborhood?

A: Our apartments, Ocean Garden and Ocean Sky, are located in the secure gated Curacao Ocean Resort, near the Mambo Beach Boulevard.

Q: Are the apartments suitable for children? Do you have a high-chair and baby bed?

A: Both accommodations are suitable for children of all ages. The tariff is $50 for a baby bed / highchair.

Q: What is the difference between Ocean Garden and Ocean Sky?

A: These apartments are located above each other and have an identical floor plan. Ocean Garden on the ground floor has a terrace, and Ocean Sky on the first floor has high ceilings and a balcony with a stunning view.

Transportation on Curacao

Q: Do you arrange transfers from the airport to the vacation rental?

A: We advise you in advance to rent a car, especially in the busy seasons. Directions from the airport to Curacao Ocean Resort are under Useful Information on our website. We can arrange a taxi driver to pick you up. The rate is $45 for 4 suitcases. There is a surcharge for extra bags, and pickups before 6 am and after 10 pm. We expect your arrival at the apartment, on average, 90 minutes after your plane has landed.

Q: Is it necessary to rent a car on Curacao?

A: Public transport is inadequate. You may not need a car for your entire stay because there are many activities within walking distance, and a nearby supermarket has a daily shuttle service. However, taxies are not cheap. Your rental car gives you the freedom to enjoy many excellent restaurants and attractions on the island.

Q: Do you also rent cars?

A: We don’t rent cars, but we will send you a list of reliable local car rental companies, with excellent service and low rates! Some may meet you at the airport with your car or deliver it to the resort. Car rental companies such as Avis, Hertz, Budget, Sixt, and Thrifty have kiosks at the airport.

Q: Are there parking meters?

A: Parking is usually free except for parking meters in certain streets in downtown Willemstad during the day. Look for the number painted on the road next to your parking spot and then look for the blue parking meter pillar. You need to pay the fee upfront. The meter takes either 25 cents, 1 guilder, or 5 guilders. The rate is one guilder per hour.

Q: What kind of public transport can we find on Curacao?

A: There are two types of public transport: the minibus and the ABC bus, a big white bus with free wi-fi, which the locals call Konvoi. There are two major bus terminals: in Punda, near the Post Office, at the Masha Nobo (new market), and Otrabanda, next to the viaduct. The ABC busses run scheduled routes, usually on the hour. The privately-owned minibuses have a route but do not have a scheduled time. You wait at a bus shelter until a bus comes along. Both bus systems are safe and inexpensive.

Q: What kind of taxi service can we find in Curacao?

A: You can find a taxi at the airport, at the curbside of popular hotels, and in Otrabanda (Brion Plein) and Punda (Breedestraat). They are recognizable by their license plates, which always start with a TX. Taxi tariffs are laid down by the Government. Rates are for one to four persons. Surcharges are for an additional person, an extra suitcase or fares between 10 pm and 6 am. The taxi driver, which we use, also gives island tours which can be tailor-made to your interests.

Eating and drinking on Curacao

Q: Is the water on Curacao safe to drink?

A: Yes, our water comes from the desalination of seawater and is safe to drink. We advise you to refill water bottles from the fridge filter dispenser. This action will help reduce the number of discarded plastic bottles.

Q: Is there an oven in the accommodation?

A: Our accommodations have an oven, microwave, toaster, Nespresso and filter coffee maker, dishwasher, and more. In short, everything needed for a culinary adventure.

Q: Is there a supermarket in the neighborhood?

A: We provide you with a map to nearby supermarkets. The best ones are within 20 minutes from the apartments. Supermarkets are open on Sundays. The directions to various supermarkets, a wine store, and a bottle store are under Useful Information on our website.

Q: Is there a BBQ?

A: Yes, there is a Cobb BBQ that you can find under Useful Information on our website.

Q: Are there any restaurants or pubs in the neighborhood?

A: We have an excellent choice in nearby restaurants due to our great location. Within walking distance are many restaurants at Lions Dive Hotel and Mambo Beach Boulevard. We provide you with a list of our favorite restaurants. Many places have a popular bar area, frequented by locals, especially during “happy hours.”

Q: Where can we eat after midnight?

A: Along the main roads, you will find ‘snacks’ operating from an old bread truck or bus, where you can have a cooked meal with rice, fries or bread. These Truk’i pans (bread trucks) are open until the early hours of the morning. The department of Public Health checks them regularly.

Money and activities in Curacao

Q: Can we pay with US Dollars or Euro?

A: US Dollars are accepted everywhere although, shopkeepers may decline to take a $100 bill. Banks only accept and change the Euro. The most commonly used currency on Curacao is the Antillean Guilder, which is indexed linked to the USD. The bank buying rate is $ 1 = Naf 1.82, and the bank’s selling rate is Naf 1.78. Shopkeepers will give you a rate of Naf 1.75 or Naf 1.76.

Q: Where can we withdraw cash?

A: The ATM, at the airport, is located outside the Arrival terminal. You can pin Guilders or US Dollars from the ATM. There is no longer a bank at the airport. There is a RBC Bank ATM at Mambo Beach Boulevard, opposite Madero Beach Restaurant.

Q: Are the beaches for free on Curacao?

A: Many beaches charge a fee of 10 guilders per car or 5 guilders per person plus a charge for their beach chairs. There are still some beautiful free public beaches with and without facilities. These beaches can be crowded during the weekend, but very quiet during weekdays. The apartments have free access to the private beach in Curacao Ocean Resort. Visit our Beach Blog for more information.

Q: What other activities are there in Curacao?

A: Curacao has very little rain and is always hot. So, wear shorts and protect yourself against the burning sun. The main activities include the beaches, diving, snorkeling, Christoffel Park, Shete Boca Park, hiking, historic Willemstad, Hato Caves, a Herbal garden, Ostridge farm, Aloe Farm, Klein Curacao, Chobolobo Liqueur Distillery and plantation houses. For more information about the island, check out the website of the Curacao Tourist Board at www.curacao.com.

We also offer a walking tour of downtown Willemstad.

Free Services

Q: Is it possible to do some grocery shopping for us?

A: Just send us a shopping list specifying the items which you require. You only pay for what you request. There is no service charge.

Q: Do we have to pay for the walking tour of downtown Willemstad?

A: No, the walking tour is free. Our object is that our guests experience the World Heritage City of Willemstad through the eyes of a local.