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COBB GRILL in Ocean Garden Apartment

COBB GRILL in Ocean Garden Apartment

The Cobb Grill originates from the country of my birth, South Africa. It can be used not only outside but also on a porch or balcony.

The BBQ uses a Cobb stone, made from coconut. The leftover burnt ash, from the stone, can be used for garden compost. Use a new one, just before grilling; otherwise, you may experience some difficulty lighting it. Ignite the stone, then cover it with the lid for 5 min – 7 min. It will smoke, but after that, it will glow. The outside of the Cobb will not be hot. The stone burns for up to 4 hours. You can also halve it if you are not going to BBQ a lot. There is a cup inside the Cobb that captures any fat that may drip down. Besides meat, you can also grill fish and vegetables in the basket. It is also possible to bake flatbread and brioche. All small parts of the Grill are dishwasher proof.

This recipe is thanks to Deli Nova Curacao, who gave a webinar presentation on CHATA’s Virtual Academy during COVID-19.


Before grilling prepare the sour cream and strips of carrots

Five spoons of sour cream

Two t spoons of mustard

Pepper and salt

Whisk the above ingredients not too hard as the sour cream may separate.

Carrots, grated into flat thin slices (use a cheese slicer)

Marinade – sweet & sour


Bay leaves


Infuse the strips of carrots in the above marinade. It is possible to prepare the carrots the day before.



One whole large piece of salmon

Red peppers

Rocket lettuce

Prepare the Cobb for grilling by placing the stone inside as per the above instructions. Open up the bagels and toast them. Put aside.

In the basket, place the whole salmon covered with slices of red peppers. Place the lid on and Grill for 20 minutes. You can check on it after 10 minutes. To test the cooked salmon, insert a knife in the middle. The salmon should be soft and tender. Once you remove it from the Cobb, break the salmon into chunks.

Place a chunk on the bottom bagel, then top with the carrot slice and the sour cream.

Decorate with rocket salad.