» CURACAO RENTAL HOMES offers vacation rentals in Curacao, each with their own unique character.
CURACAO RENTAL HOMES offers two oceanfront apartments in Curacao and beautiful villas, many with with their own private pool.
Our villa rentals are located in a safe neighborhood, 15 minutes away from popular beaches and the historical center of Willemstad. Our apartments are located in the Curacao Ocean Resort. As the owner of these homes you can be assured of our personal attention.
Your Curacao property has air-conditioned bedrooms, bathrooms with hot and cold water, gratis Wi-Fi Internet and a pre paid telephone. Everything that you may need can be found in our accommodations: a safe, hair drier, beach towels and a cooler box.
We invite you to watch the videos of our Curacao vacation rentals and read what previous guests wrote in the Reviews. For a quote and answers to any question about our accommodation services, please complete the contact form and we will be happy to answer you.
Out of all places from the Caribbean Sea, Curacao has a great secret, and you must know it. The beaches are very beautiful, with white sand like sugar, great exposure to a perfect weather, great underwater sea life. Some islands can be used for relaxation and some can be used for scuba diving and snorkeling.
Diving & Snorkeling
The island has an underwater environment full of life, with geographic shapes created by lava, in which ecosystems filled with colorful corals have evolved. Curacao has over 60 diving sites, located along the coast and waiting to be explored. As for snorkeling, everyone can do it!
Curacao is a beautiful island that has a great historical significance - you can find many historical monuments, extraordinary landscapes, many activities for adventure enthusiasts and a lot of sun. Willemstad is the capital city and one of the busiest ports in the region, many visitors wanting to see the monuments of this port city.
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