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Scuba diving
Scuba diving is a form of exploration of the seas and oceans, in which a man uses a container that helps him breathe underwater. Unlike other methods of diving, which are based on holding your breath or to receive oxygen from the surface, this technique offers several advantages to divers because with this autonomous source (usually compressed air) they can have more freedom, great movement and can last longer under water. Scuba diving equipment may be with open circuit, closed circuit or semi-open, to which is added a waterproof suit and a pair of fins that helps to dive better in the aquatic environment.
Things to keep in mind:

- Don’t ever hold your breath when scuba diving to prevent hyperventilation and dizziness;
- Although it’s a fun activity, it’s good to get yourself a diving certificate so you can be prepared to face any situation;
- Don’t dive alone. Always have someone to dive with you;
- Stay away from piers and keys;
- Before you dive in unknown and unfamiliar environments, you should ask another diver about the conditions and rules of the place you want to dive in;
- Watch out for vegetation and animals. Some plants can cut your suit and any cut in the sea can be felt by dangerous species;
- After you’ve done scuba diving, don’t fly by airplane for at least 24 hours. If you do that, you risk decompression sickness also known as "the bends";
- Don’t climb very quickly to the surface. Take a break for 3 minutes when you are at least 30 feet from it;
- Don’t ignore your health. If you don’t feel well, or have a discomfort, abandon the idea of scuba diving.
Snorkeling is an activity that involves the exploration of small areas of water, with only a diving mask, a tube called snorkel, diving fins and sometimes a waterproof suit that is used to protect the body from the cold water. The advantage of this activity is that you can stay a long time under water, admiring the underwater wonders with relatively little effort, there is no need to follow a special training or use complicated equipment. It is an activity that you can do in most tropical locations, where you can do scuba diving. This recreational activity can be performed by anyone, regardless of age because it doesn’t require a great effort.
Things to keep in mind when you do snorkeling:

- Avoid hyperventilation. The key to a good snorkeling is to breathe easy and calm, without hurry. If you hurry, then it’s possible to get dizzy and drown yourself;
- Be careful how far you move away from where you want to do snorkeling. Maybe you want to watch some fish species and you find that you are no longer where you should be. You can wander, and you can meet species that can harm you;
- Time spent in the water can be considered fun, but be sure to drink plenty of water. You lose a lot of water when you do snorkeling, and if you want to do this for a few hours then it's better to be hydrated. And whatever happens, don’t drink sea water;
- The ocean is not always a safe place. You can encounter sharks, stinging jellyfish and other marine animals that can be life threatening. There are also riptides that can take you far into the ocean, or big waves that can put you under water. You need to trust your abilities when it comes for swimming and it's best to share this experience with another friend.
Scuba diving and snorkeling in Curacao
The island has an underwater environment full of life, with geographic shapes created by lava, in which ecosystems have evolved and where are a lot of corals. The reefs surround the island for millions of years and in some places they form coral gardens that host a variety of fish species. Curacao has over 60 diving sites, located along the coast and waiting to be explored.
Although it is an activity that can create pleasure, one thing you must consider is that you need to protect the environment and don’t touch the corals. The best places for snorkeling are Arashi beach, Boca Grandi, Baby Beach. Those who want to do scuba diving and snorkeling in this area and those who try to do this for the first time in their lives have something to see. The island has a diverse underwater environment with a large ecosystem and the fact that it was voted in the top 3 best locations for "Best snorkeling", "Best Shore Diving" and "Best Macro Marine Life" makes this place visited by many connoisseurs and enthusiasts.
Tips for protecting the ecosystem
  • Don’t touch the corals, in any way, because they are living animals and may behave negatively even if you touch them gently;
  • Don’t shake the sand. This will create a disadvantage for corals but also for other people;
  • Don’t do spear fishing. This is forbidden;
  • Do not waste time in underwater caverns and caves. Avoid the crowds and keep in mind that too many bubbles have harmful effect on animals and in some cases can lead to their death;
  • Take care of the environment. Don’t throw garbage in the water, and if you see any, take it with you;
  • Never anchor your boat to corals. It's best to anchor it on a buoy or on a certain part where there aren’t these corals.
How to choose a snorkeling mask that suits you
  • Slide the strap on one side so you can try on the mask;
  • Put the mask on your face;
  • Make sure it stays well on your face and there is no discomfort around the eyes and nose;
  • If the mask doesn’t fit, then choose another size;
  • To do a test, put your face in the mask and inhale through your nose;
  • After you've done that, the vacuum created should keep your mask on your face;
  • And if the mask doesn’t stay in place, then repeat the process until you find the right one.
How to clean your snorkel
  • It will happen at some point, to have water in your snorkel due to the fact that you’re sinking too much or you've met a big wave.
  • To remove all the water first you need to take a breath through the snorkel;
  • Hold your breath and put yourself completely into water;
  • Get up to initial position;
  • Blow a powerful breath through the snorkel to remove all the water;
  • Inhale little by little to see if there is water in the snorkel;
  • If there is still water blow once more to remove the extra water, but be careful not to remove all the air from the first attempt to remove the water. While checking if all this is well, take small air vents. You should improve your skills in a pool before your first snorkeling.
Dive Sites in Curacao
  • Airplane Wreck – its name comes from the remains of an airplane that is situated on the bottom of the sea.
  • Barracuda Point/Punt'i Piku – the name comes from the multiple barracudas that will follow you when you dive there.
  • Basora – is an elegant place where you can find a lot of corals, fishes and many other spectacular views.
  • Black Rock/Piedra Pretu – it’s best to avoid if you have problems with seasickness. Famous for its spectacular wall dive. Avoid snorkeling here.
  • Boka Grandi – an easy dive site, with large corals and a white sandy beach.
  • Boka Sami – situated on the right of the dive center towards the cliffs and out of the reef.
  • Daaibooi – a beautiful beach to dive filled with different types of corals and a lot of typical reef fishes.
  • Divers Leap – perfect for deep dives. You can find sea horses, and large areas of pillar coral with lots of small reef fishes.
  • Double Reef and Superior Producer – superior Producer is the top 10 on Curacao and one of the finest wrecks in the Caribbean..
  • Eel Valley – known once for its abundance of eels, it's said that the population has now dwindled to lesser numbers.
  • Guliauw – this dive site is covered with healthy and lush corals.
  • Halfway – a very calm site, with good visibility, and perfect backdrop for a relaxed easy dive or snorkel.
  • Harry's Hole – it’s known for its large stands of stately elkhorn coral.
  • Hell's Corner – it has a lot of brain corals, tube sponges, mushroom heads, large gorgonians, abundant fish life, schooling jacks, barracuda, sea turtles, lobsters, and spotted green morays.
  • Kabayé and Small Wall – in these sites, the surface conditions are wilder and less protected than in other sites.
  • Kabes di Baranka – you will find here the most luscious reef on Curacao. It's a coral-covered area, and is a real diver’s paradise.
  • Klein Curaçao – for those who want to feel the joy of diving on a deserted island.
  • Light Tower – spectacular dive with a lot of adventure. The site is recommended for experienced divers because of the rough wave action, strong currents and difficult boat entries and exits.
  • Lover’s Beach – for couples looking for privacy and who want to enjoy beautiful moments together.
  • Lower House/Kas Abou – site that is rich in marine life. Filled with fine white sand and providing a relaxing vibe.
  • Mako's Mountain – for experienced divers. Very challenging terrain, unsheltered and it has the conditions found to Hell’s Corner.
  • Mushroom Forest and The Cave – one of the top 10 dives sites in Curacao. A unique and diverse site that offers an awesome dive with great photo opportunities.
  • No Way – very dangerous site. Even the most experienced divers say: „No Way” when they get close to this site. If you have the courage to dive, then you will be rewarded.
  • Oswaldo's Drop Off – named after the local diver who first frequented it many years ago..
  • Playa Hundu ("Deep Beach") Lost Anchor – the best for people who like to be isolated, because the privacy is almost guaranteed.
  • Playa Jeremi – you can find large heads of mountainous star coral, orange cup corals, trumpet fish and a lot of typical reef fish and other sea creatures.
  • Playa Kalki/Alice in Wonderland – probably the best diving site in Curacao. Keep an eye out for green moray eels, lobsters, mushroom-shaped star coral formations, as well as a wide array of colorful reef fish.
  • Playa Lagun – reef fish are plentiful along the cliffs and at the drop-off, where you will also see healthy coral coverage and large sponges.
  • Playa Piscadó – beware of occasional strong and unpredictable currents.
  • Rif Sint Marie – you have so much to see here. You can view parrotfish, puffer fish, trumpet fish, baracudas, sea turtles and numerous small reef fish around the coral heads.
  • Sandy's Plateau – you can find lots of lagoons that have lots of lush coral heads and gorgonian beds, which snorkelers will really enjoy.
  • Scuba Lodge – you will be surprised by the rich marine life in the middle of a city. The dive site is easy to navigate and the staff is always willing to share some of the reef's secrets.
  • Seldom Reef – one of the best sites on Curacao for a true and deep dive, but watch your safety limits.
  • Smokey/Punt'i Sanchi – one of the best sites in Caribbean, competes with the best of Belize and has ensured a great popularity among diving enthusiasts.
  • Sponge Forest – has some of the most spectacular sponges in the Caribbean.
  • SS Oranje Nassau – it has very healthy coral, morays and lots of small reef fish.
  • The Crash – famous for the remains of an old airplane that crashed here. You can recognize some of the parts of the plain that are covered with coral.
  • The Wall – healthy soft and hard corals grow almost right from the cliffs.
  • Tugboat – known for the wreck that stays on the bottom of the sea. One of the best dive sites and a popular site great for divers and snorkelers.
Dive Operators in Curacao
  • Aquarius:
    Location: Kaya W.F.G (jombi) Mensing 30, Willemstad, Zeelandia
    Facilities: Rental Equipment Available, On-site Parking.
    Accepted forms of payment: American Express, Visa, MasterCard
    Phone: +(5999) 4612248
    Alt. Phone: +(5999) 5246998
    E-mail: info@divecenteraquarius.com
    Website: Aquarius

  • Atlantis Diving:
    Location: Drielstraat 6
    Facilities: Rental Equipment Available, On-site Parking, Child Facilities
    Accepted forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, Diners Gift Card
    Phone: +(5999) 465 8288
    Mobile: +(5999) – 510 3099
    Fax: +(5999)/461 2535
    E-mail: info@atlantisdiving.com
    Website: Atlantis Diving

  • Bahia Apartments & Diving:
    Location: Lagun 208
    Phone: +(5999) 864-1000
    E-mail: info@bahia-apartments.com
    Website: Bahia Apartments & Diving

  • Caribbean Sea Sports:
    Location: Marriott Hotel , Piscadera Bay
    Accepted forms of payment: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Gift Card
    Phone: +(5999)/462 26 20
    Mobile: +(5999)/462 69 33
    E-mail: info@caribseasports.com
    Website: Caribbean Sea Sports

  • Curious2Dive:
    Location: Kaya Prosperidat 1, Willemstad
    Phone: +(5999) 513-2265
    E-mail: curious2dive@gmail.com
    Website: Curious2Dive

  • Discover Diving:
    Location: Playa Lagun; Lagun next to 51, Banda Abou
    Facilities: Rental Equipment Available, On-site Parking, Disabled Access, Children's Facilities, Children's Playground
    Phone: +(5999) 864 1652
    Fax: +(5999) 864 1652
    E-mail: info@atlantisdiving.com
    Website: Discover Diving

  • Dive Charter Curacao:
    Location: Playa Lagun; Lagun next to 51, Banda Abou
    Facilities: Rental Equipment Available, On-site Parking
    Accepted forms of payment: American Express, Visa, MasterCard
    Phone: +(5999)/5293899
    E-mail: dive@divechartercuracao.com
    Website: Dive Charter Curacao

  • Duikcentrum Van De Ven:
    Location: Livingstone Jan Thiel Resort, Jan Thiel Bay
    Facilities: Dive shop, Rental Dive equipment, Parking facility in the Livingstone parking area, Children facility
    Accepted forms of payment: Cash or payment in advance on bank account
    Phone: (+5999) 5141267
    E-mail: info@duikcentrumvandeven.com
    Website: Duikcentrum Van De Ven

  • Goby Divers:
    Location: Veneto Casino Holiday Beach Hotel
    Accepted forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, Discover
    Phone: +(5999) 662 2853
    Alt. Phone: +(5999) 562 3984
    E-mail: info@Goby-Divers.com
    Website: Goby Divers
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GobyDivers

  • Go West Diving:
    Location: Westpunt Playa Kalki
    Facilities: Rental Equipment Available, On-site Parking
    Accepted forms of payment: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover
    Phone: +(5999) 864-0102
    Fax: +(5999) 864-3042
    E-mail: info@gowestdiving.com
    Website: Go West Diving
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gowestcuracao

  • Ocean Encounters:
    Location: Bapor Kibra Z/N , Willemstad
    Facilities: Rental Equipment Available, On-site Parking, Disabled Access, Children's Facilities
    Accepted forms of payment: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Gift Card Phone: +(5999) 461-8131
    E-mail: info@oceanencounters.com
    Website: Ocean Encounters
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gowestcuracao
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/divecuracao

  • Relaxed Guided Dives:
    Location: Martha Koosje 10 , Weg naar
    Facilities: Rental Equipment Available, On-site Parking, Children's Facilities
    Phone: +(5999)/8687710
    Alt. Phone: +(5999)/5289277
    E-mail: info@relaxed-guided-dives.com
    Website: Relaxed Guided Dives

  • Scuba Lodge & Suites:
    Location: Pietermaai 104 , Willemstad
    Facilities: Rental Equipment Available, On-site Parking
    Accepted forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard
    Phone: +(5999) 465-2575
    Fax: +(5999) 465-2575
    E-mail: info@scubalodge.com
    Website: Scuba Lodge & Suites
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ScubaLodge

  • Sublime Diving:
    Location: Dokterstuin 240 , Willemstad
    Phone: (+5999) 529-6103
    E-mail: info@sublimediving.com
    Website: Sublime Diving

  • The Dive Bus Curacao:
    Facilities: Rental Equipment Available, Disabled Access
    Phone: +(5999) 529 6103
    E-mail: doris@the-dive-bus.com
    Website: The Dive Bus Curacao

  • Trunkdivers:
    Location: Vaersenbaai / Kokomo Beach
    Phone: +(5999) 8680663
    Alt. Phone: +(5999) 5173569
    E-mail: caribbeandiving@hotmail.com
    Website: Trunkdivers

  • Twin Divers:
    Location: Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard z/n , Willemstad
    Phone: +(5999) 694-9574
    Alt. Phone: (+5999) 679-2193
    E-mail: info@twin-divers.com
    Website: Twin Divers
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Twindiverscuracao

  • Want2Dive Divecenter:
    Location: Apollostraat 24 , Willemstad
    Facilities: Rental Equipment Available, Children's facilities, Disabled access, Specialized in handicapped diving, On-site Parking
    Accepted forms of payment: American Express, Visa, MasterCard
    Phone: +(5999) 661-8558
    E-mail: info@want2dive.com

  • Wederfoort:
    Location: Marine badplaats Boca Sami
    Facilities: Rental Equipment Available, On-site Parking, Disabled Access, Children's Facilities
    Phone: +(5999) 888 44 14
    Fax: +(5999) 869 20 62
    E-mail: info@divewederfoort.com
    Website: Wederfoort

  • Dive Center Scuba Do:
    Location: Jan Thiel Beach
    Facilities: Rental Equipment Available, On-site Parking, Disabled Access, Children's Facilities, Playground children
    Accepted forms of payment: American Express, Visa, MasterCard
    Phone: +(5999) 767 93 00
    Fax: +(5999) 767 93 00
    E-mail: info@divecenterscubado.com
    Website: Dive Center Scuba Do
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Divecenter.ScubaDo

  • Orangedive:
    Location: Jan Thiel Beach
    Facilities: Rental Equipment Available, On-site Parking
    Phone: +(5999) 465 8288
    Alt. Phone: +(5999) 510 3099
    E-mail: dive@orangedive.com
    Website: Orangedive

  • Porto Mari Sports:
    Location: Porto Mari Beach
    Facilities: Rental Equipment Available, On-site Parking, Children's Facilities
    Phone: +(5999) 864 7539
    Fax: +(5999) 864 7533
    E-mail: info@portomarisports.com
    Website: Porto Mari Sports
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