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Curacao Beaches
When summer arrives, your first thought is about sunny weather and going to the beach. You want to feel the sand under your feet and you want to feel the sun over your body. We all want a good tan to show off to our friends when we get back from vacation.

If you like the sea and you want to have that nice tan, then coming to the beach is the natural way to relax and have an amazing holiday at the same time. Curacao is the perfect place for you to visit and enjoy a great destination.
Out of all the islands in the Caribbean, Curacao has a secret. It is the hidden gem of the Caribbean. The beaches are beautiful, with white sand like sugar, almost perfect weather all year round, and great underwater sea life and 300 year-old architecture. There are a lot of islands in the Caribbean offering relaxation, scuba diving and snorkelling but did you know that Curacao was chosen in the top 3 destinations for "Best Snorkelling", "Best Shore Diving" and "Best Macro Marine Life" by the readers of Scuba Diving Magazine in their annual Reader's Choice Awards?
But let's go back to beaches. Most of Curacao’s beaches are not long, but small intimate bays. Curacao has over 40 beaches, which you will find along the secluded southern coastline. Now, I'm going to give you some details about a few beaches in particular from southwest to southeast:


This beach is not ideal for sunbathing because of small pebbles so don't forget to bring sandals. Swimming however is excellent as the water is always crystal clear. There are two small restaurants in Westpunt village, serving local dishes: Janchi and Playa Forti.
  • Admission fee: Free
  • Known for: Snorkelling, Swimming, Pebbles, Fisherman sell their freshly caught fish


Two beautiful public beaches: Kenepa Grandi and Kenepa Chikitu. These are the two best natural white sandy bays on Curacao to swim, snorkel and sunbathe. At Kenepa Grandi, the larger of the two, you can buy local dishes, snacks and drinks. Both beaches are very popular with the locals on Sundays.
  • Admission fee: Free
  • Known for: Snorkelling, Child friendly, Local Vibe


This beach is a narrow, picturesque cove with crystal clear water. There are no amenities, but there is a snack bar directly behind the beach. The beach is dotted with the colourful small boats of fisherman.
  • Admission fee: Free
  • Known for: Snorkelling, Intimate, Local Vibe


On weekends locals like to hang out here and have barbecues. Captain Goodlife, a well known colourful character, will ferry you in his boat to the Blue Room. He actually lives on the left side of the beach where he has kayaks for rent. The Blue Room is an under water cave. To get into the room you have to swim under the entrance. In the cave you can swim amongst shoals of small fishes in blue light that shines through the submerged cave entrance. This experience has been highly rated by our guests.
  • Admission fee: Free beach access, transportation fee to the Blue Room or rent a kayak and go there yourself but the entrance is hard to find.
  • Known for: Local Vibe, The Blue Room, Kayak Rental


Cas Abao offers you a white sandy beach, crystal clear waters, waving palm trees, parasols and beach chairs. The beach is bordered on both sides by high cliffs overgrown with cacti. The beach is ideal for swimmers and sun worshippers. It is the best family beach. It is also a paradise for scuba diving and snorkeling.
  • Admission fee: Ang 10 ($5.70) per car and Ang 5 ($2.85) per sun bed
  • Known for: Pristine natural white sandy beach, Snorkelling, Dive School, Water Sports


This is a very suitable beach for children and a great place for snorkelling or scuba diving. There is a nice waterfront restaurant with a bar.
  • Admission fee: $2.50 (about €1,87) per person
  • Known for: Snorkelling, Scuba Diving, Dive school, Bar & Restaurant, Local Vibe


This is truly a local beach. It's fairly big and quiet during the week. It has shallow water and is perfect for snorkeling. There is no entry fee and there are no beach chairs. It is busy on Sundays.
  • Admission fee: Free
  • Known for: Great snorkeling and swimming, Local Vibe, Snack Bar


Not a real beach but a platform with plenty of shade and easy access to the clear turquoise sea. There are comfortable beach chairs with bar and restaurant service. The restaurant is very upmarket and somewhat pricy but it has great food.
  • Admission fee: $5 per person
  • Known for: Comfort, ambiance, swimming, snorkeling, luxury, restaurant, dive school


This is a sandy beach, near Willemstad, with a bar/restaurant. Admission is free. It is famous for their monthly Full Moon Party with live music attracting thousands of youngsters who party till the early hours of the morning.
  • Admission fee: Free if you lie on your own towel; $5 for a beach chair
  • Known for: Diving, Snorkelling, Restaurant, Bar, Beach Parties, Child Friendly


Located near to Willemstad, this beach is set in a gentle bay. The beach is covered in coco palm trees, which provide tons of shade. There is a children’s play area and a cosy beach bar. The restaurant also has seating on the beach.
  • Admission fee: $3.50 (about €2,61) per person
  • Known for: Shade, Dive Shop, Restaurant, Child Friendly

PIRATE BAY BEACH (Formerly Hook's Hut)

Small but intimate beach with a bar/restaurant. There are hotels nearby and may tourists use the beach and restaurant. Because of its proximity to Willemstad many locals also enjoy this beach.
  • Admission fee: $2.15 (about €1,61) per person (12 years and up); $1.00 (about €0,75) per child (2-12 years)
  • Known for: Bar & Restaurant, Water Sports, Local Vibe, Child Friendly


Popular man made beach near the Seaquarium. On the west side you can find CABANA BEACH with a popular happy hour every Wednesday evening. On the east side you can relax under the palm trees of LIONS DIVE BEACH where you may rent a beach chair for the day and enjoy salsa dancing at Hemmingway every Sunday evening. The middle part of the beach is known as MAMBO BEACH, with a swimming pool and a new boulevard with shops and restaurants.
  • Admission fee: $3.50 (about €2,61) per person
  • Known for: Bars & Restaurants, Shopping, Boulevard, Child Friendly, Lounge, Night Life, Live Entertainment, and Sea Aquarium.


This beach is excellent for swimming eating and drinking. The beach is completely built-up and visited primarily by guests of several surrounding resorts and hotels. There are many good restaurants and a popular happy hour every Saturday afternoon, which attracts many locals.
  • Admission fee: $3.50 (about €2,61) per person
  • Known for: Bars & Restaurants, Shops, Casino, Dive school, Lounge, Child Friendly
Important: please note that the prices showcased in this article might not reflect the real prices, since they can change on a daily basis.
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