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Where will you be on King’s Day (Koningsdag in Dutch)?

Where will you be on King’s Day (Koningsdag in Dutch)?


On Monday, April 27, Curacao will be celebrating King Willem Alexander’s 48th birthday. And just like in The Netherlands, Curacao will do this in style with activities and old games, live music, and performances to celebrate the day and night.

The best part of the day is the Vrijmarkt or Free Market whereby you can sell anything, on the street, without having a permit. Punda, in downtown Willemstad, becomes one big flea market with live music.

This year, there will also be a Vrijmarkt in the Nieuwstraat, in Pietermaai Smal, which is going all out selling local crafts. That night there will a DJ at Restaurant Mundo Bizarro and Rock Around the Clock at restaurant Ginger. Cat Band will be playing at Miles Jazz Café and at 27 Bar & Terrace, Nederpop Tribute.

Zuikertuin Mall will kick off at 9 am with what they call King’s Day Zelebration. There with be lots of activities for kids and live music. The dress code to all these events is to wear something orange. The Dutch Royal Family belongs to the House of Orange.

However, I won’t be heading downtown as I will be playing in the King’s Cup Golf Tournament, at the Curacao Golf & Squash Club. This is not just any 18-hole golf tournament. The tournament is 36-holes of which we walk. The first match starts at 8 AM. Then we will stop for lunch where we toast the King with a glass of Orange bitter, which is an Orange Liqueur. After lunch, we head off for our afternoon match. The whole tournament will take at least 8 hours! This golf match is only for the fittest!

For sure we will all be wearing Orange!

Happy King’s Day!


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