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Things to see in Curacao: Hato Caves

Things to see in Curacao: Hato Caves


Located on the northern side of Curacao, on the Roosevelt Weg, these beautiful caves are only 2 minutes away from the Curacao International Airport. They are 200.000 years old and the biggest caves on the island ( 240 meters) that were opened to the public in 1991. In order to be accessible by foot, these caves went under a massive upgrade that was made by the Government which made a great job because now the caves are considered the most beautiful and friendly caves on the island.

The island of Curacao is made from layers that are going up in height. These layers are called terraces and while all the caves on the island are situated in the second terrace, the hato caves are the only caves from the island situated on the third terrace.

Getting to the caves requires a 49 step stairs climbing. Occasionally, you might find bats in the caves, a thing that might not be liked by some.

Visiting these terraces will be a great experience that will show you a bit more about Curacao’s nature, culture and history.


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