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Things to see in Curacao: Christoffel Park

Things to see in Curacao: Christoffel Park

Located in Bandabou, the Cristoffel Park is the biggest park of Curacao that is well known for its flora and fauna, but also for the culture and history behind it. The park can be explored with the bike, car, riding a horse or on foot and is a protected nature area that includes three former plantations, Plantage Savonet, Plantage Zorgvlied and Plantage Zevenbergen. Also, the highest point on Curacao is located here. Christoffel Mountain has about 1,239 feet (378 m) and represents a major attraction on the island.

You will find in Christoffel Park more biodiversity than anywhere on the island. Its flora includes three cactus species that can reach up to ten meters high ( datu, kadushi, and kadushi di pushi ) divi-divi trees as well as exotic flowers. You will also find some extremely rare orchids ( lady of the night and Humboldt’s schomburgkia)

Christoffel Park is also known for its fauna and includes mammals like the white-tailed deer, the cottontail, and several species of bats . In here you will also find rare birds like the white-tailed hawk, an endemic subspecies of barn owl (Tyto alba bargei), hummingbirds like the common emerald and the crimson topaz, and the endemic yellow oriole. You will also find a large variety of insects and reptiles.

Visitors can go explore the park every day from Monday to Saturday between 7.30 am to 4 pm with a restriction to enter after 2.30 pm and Sunday from 6 am to 3 pm with restriction after 1.30 pm. In the park are eight hiking trails, the most challenging one being the Christoffel Mountain climb. If you want to climb this one we advise you to start early in the morning. The park also includes organized tours like a deer-spotting sunset tour, a pick-up safari, and the “Savonet history” tour.


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