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Tumba Festival 2016

  Are you ready for the biggest festival of all times? Tumba Festival is one of the biggest Carnivals from the Caribbean. During this, many artists compete in order to win the title of Tumba […]

Curacao’s culture and history

Part of the ABC islands, Curacao is, in fact the biggest one of the group, measuring 10 miles at its widest point (16 km) and 40 miles (64 km) in its longest. The island of […]

Curiosities of Curacao

  The island of Curacao is situated in the southern Caribbean Sea, off the Venezuelan coast, that forms part of the Dutch Caribbean. At first sight, Curacao might seem to you a┬átypical tropical island, with […]

Things to see in Curacao: Hato Caves

  Located on the northern side of Curacao, on the Roosevelt Weg, these beautiful caves are only 2 minutes away from the Curacao International Airport. They are 200.000 years old and the biggest caves on […]

Things to see in Curacao: Christoffel Park

Located in Bandabou, the Cristoffel Park is the biggest park of Curacao that is well known for its flora and fauna, but also for the culture and history behind it. The park can be explored […]

Ways to get on Curacao

  Being an island, there are two ways to get to Curacao: by plane or via a ship. Most travelers arrive on Curacao by plane. That doesn’t mean that cruise ships aren’t a viable option. […]