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Outdoor activities in Curacao

Outdoor activities in Curacao


As you already know, the island of Curacao has a lot more to offer than beaches and snorkeling places. On this beautiful island there’s a lot more to do and admire than this. Being a tropical island, Curacao has a lot of outdoor activities that you can enjoy with your friends or family. Let’s see a few:

Shete Boka National Park and Playa Lagun

Surrounded by natural wonders Shete Boka National Park will offer you a full day tour where you can meet with sea turtles on the beach, beautiful hawks that fly above you and explore rocky bluffs of the northern coastline.


Christoffelpark is known for its flora and fauna as well as for the culture and history that he offers. This park has more biodiversity than anywhere on the island and rare orchids such as “lady of the night” can be found here. There are also other rare plants like: Myrcia curassavica(found only on Curacao) or Maytenus versluysii found only on Curaçao and Bonaire. Here, you will also find Christoffel Mountain which is the highest point of the island (1.239 feet (378 m).

Dolphin Academy

Curacao Dolphin Academy was opened in May 2002. Located at Curacao Sea Aquarium marine animal park this place will give you the chance to play and swim along with dolphins and enjoy their beauty.

Willemstad Trolley Tour

Want to have a 75 minutes tour through historic Willemstad? Then this ride is for you! The Trolley tour starts at Fort Amsterdam and walks you through a lot of interesting sights like the Floating Market, Scharloo, Pietermaai Cathedral, Waterfort Arches. The tour’s final stop will be at Fort Amsterdam.

Curacao Ostrich Farm

Experience South Africa for a day! Home of more than 600 of these birds, this Farm is a very friendly place where you can play with the ostriches, feed and even ride them. Here you can also have a safari tour where you can see the properties and help visitors get acquainted with the ostriches. The tour ends exactly where it begins: at the nursery where the eggs hatch.

Those are just a few of the tours that Curacao can offer. Want to enjoy them?

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