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Discover Curacao with CuracaoRentalHomes – A new travel experience

Discover Curacao with CuracaoRentalHomes – A new travel experience


Hello and Bon Bini!

You don’t know what Bon Bini means? It means welcome! Welcome and thank you for your arrival at our new CuracaoRentalHomes blog.

If you didn’t know, Curacao is a beautiful island situated in the Southern Caribbean Sea, off the Venezuelan coast, that forms part of the Dutch Caribbean. The island is becomming a popular Caribbean destination for many reasons which this blog will show.

Since 1992, we realy enjoy living in Curacao and we want you to experience the same comfortable lifesyle in our rental homes. We ourselves live only ten minutes away and we are willing to assist you with any question or request that you might have.

Our 4 beautifully arranged accommodations are waiting for you to come and enjoy. Two of the accommodations are apartments located in the Curacao Ocean Resort. The other two are villas located in the Willemstad area. All these accommodations are within 15 minutes from down town of Punda & Otrabanda. On the website CuracaoRentalHomes you will find more information about our homes.

On the website you will also find helpful information about the main attractions such as casinos, museums, restaurants, places to shop and last but not least the many beaches of Curacao where you can have an awesome time diving and snorkeling right off the shore.

We are hoping that with the new blog we will be able to connect you even better with the places and events that Curacao has to offer. Curiosities of any kind or new interesting information can be found here on the blog as well as any information about upcoming events.

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