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Curiosities of Curacao

Curiosities of Curacao


The island of Curacao is situated in the southern Caribbean Sea, off the Venezuelan coast, that forms part of the Dutch Caribbean.

At first sight, Curacao might seem to you a typical tropical island, with many beaches, endless sun, palm trees and so on. But I assure you that this island is not only about the sun and palm trees. You will find here places that will simply amaze you. From the well-known beaches to even scary caves, let’s take a look at a list of places that you will love to discover on Curacao:


Are you a food lover? Perfect! Then you will feel just as home here because the island has a lot of restaurants with various cuisines. No matter how extravagant your tastes might be, Curacao has at least one food that you will find interesting.

Klein Curacao

Also known as little Curacao, the little island is a 1.7 square kilometers uninhabited island southeast of Curacao and it’s a beautiful diving spot.


Of course, caves could not miss from Curacao. Hato caves are more than 200.000 years old and 240 meters long. They are a major tourist attraction in Curacao.


Have you ever played with dolphins? Now it’s your chance to do it. At the Curacao Dolphin Academy you will be able not only to play with them but to also swim among these friendly beautiful creatures.


The National Christoffel park Curacao is definitely a must see. All of you nature lovers will love this natural park that has a variety of local flora and fauna, as well as birds of different species, some of them very hard to find in another part of the island. Here, you will also find the Christoffel Mountain, which is the highest point from Curacao (372 meters / 1.220 ft ).

Shete Boka Park – If you like getting off the beaten track then you will love National Park Shete Boka. The park begins at Boka Tabla and it’s a paradise for hikers and extreme nature lovers.

Diving and snorkeling

Curacao was born millions of years ago. The island has developed under the sea from lava rock on which coral has grown and has diving spots where you will see corals and beautiful gardens that has colored tropical fishes.

Curacao liqueur

Is a liqueur that is flavored with the dried peel of the laraha citrus, a fruit that is grown on the island of Curacao. The lahara is a plant that is similar to an orange and was developed from the sweet Valencia orange.


Curacao museum:

The Curacao museum is one of the oldest museums from Curacao and it’s located in a beautiful monumental building from 1853.

Kura Hulanda

Kura Hulanda is an anthropological museum that concentrates on the predominant cultures of Curacao. The museum is located in Willemstad.


What do you think about all these wonderful places? Have you visited Curacao until now?

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