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Curacao Carnival

Curacao Carnival


Each year Curacao has multiple events and activities throughout January and February. Every new year brings to Curacao two months of beautiful parades on this wonderful island. With almost 2 months of party, the island of Curacao definitely has a long carnival season.

Curacao’s Carnival has its roots in the same colonial history and traditions found throughout the Gulf of Mexico region of the Caribbean, from new Orleans to Jamaica. It is very possible that the word carnival comes from the Latin carne vale, which means farewell to meat.

The carnival season for 2015 begins earlier than last year, on 28th of December and ends on 17th of February. On January 9th the Election of Teenagers King & Queen takes place, followed by the Election of Adult Queen, Prince and Pancho on the 10th of January as well as the Election of Children’s Queen, Prince and Pancho on January 11th.

The first big event of the season is the Tumba Festival and takes place between 26th – 30th of January with a pause on 29. If you don’t know, Tumba is a form of music that is specific to Aruba and Curacao. It has African origins but has developed a lot since it was introduced in the 17th century. The festival represents a battle between local artists in which the winner has the honor to have his song as the anthem of the Carnival.

As I already said, the Tumba festival ends on January 30th and the island of Curacao doesn’t sleep, so on January 31st a new party begins: The Tumba festival dedicated for kids and teenagers. Of course that this festival has events that are more appropriate for children and teenagers.

The event takes only one day because on the 1st of February another parade kicks in: The horse parade. In this parade the contestants ride a part of the route on specially trained horses. After that, on February 8, Children’s Carnival Parade takes place. Gran Marcha’s main event is a week after, on February 15th but the Children’s Carnival Parade is the Gran Marcha event for children and has a shorter route, made especially for the kids, so that they can make it to the end.

We’ll leave that apart for one moment and talk about another carnival: The teen Carnival parade. This one is on the 13th of February. The parade is an evening parade and it’s one of the three main party events.

If you want to explore a more rural area of the island, then the Parade from February 14th is the one for you. With the name of Banda Bou Carnival Parade, the event takes place, as the name suggests among the surroundings of Banda Abou.

Coming back to the Grand Carnival Parade “Gran Marcha”, as the event is taking place, as I already said on the 15th of February. Compared with the Children’s Carnival Parade, the Gran Marcha is a bigger event. In fact, it’s the main day-time parade of the island.

Gran Marcha starts at the end of the Jan Noordduynweg (near Caribbean Motors), follows the Schottegatweg until going left at Roodeweg and ending at the Renaissance hotel.

You will find around the route a lot of stands or even chairs where you can take a breath. If you want to refresh yourself a little, then make sure you arrange yourself a seat at one of the stands.

If you thought that this is the parade that marks the end of the festivals, you are wrong because this beautiful island has a few more to give. On Feb 16th the island has the last children farewell parade where the kids go back to the streets for one last time.

The event that marks the end of the carnival is the Grand farewell carnival parade 2015. The parade is held in the evening and is the ending party before Ash Wednesday.

Looks like it’s a long list of parades, right? And that’s not all! During the carnival season there are also some little events called Jump Ups and Jump Ins.

The Jump Up is a night event where everybody can attend to by paying a little fee. The participants will receive a shirt that they can decorate whatever they want.

Jump Ins can be described as a Carnival party were only the Tumba music is played. The difference between the two is that Jump Ups take place outside while the Jump Ins take place inside.

Here is a list of Jump Ups and Jump Ins for this year’s carnival:

January 31, 2015 – Jump-Up Radio MAS

January 31, 2015 – Jump-In Takitin

February 1, 2015 – Jump-In Off Bod School

February 1, 2015 – Ban Pariba Electric Parade

February 2, 2015 – Jump-In BAB

February 3, 2015 – Jump-In Vavavoom

February 3, 2015 – Jump-In Beria

February 4, 2015 – Jump-In Insel Air

February 4, 2015 – Jump-In Partido MAN

February 5, 2015 – Jump-In CBA

February 6, 2015 – Jump-In MCB

February 6, 2015 – Jump-In SVB

February 7, 2015 – Jump-In Lions Club

February 7, 2015 – Jump-In Estreno mas Pikete

February 7, 2015 – Jump-In WEPA

February 9, 2015 – Jump-In SOAB

February 10, 2015 – Jump-In CPOST

February 11, 2015 – Jump-In Dushi Aventura

February 14, 2015 – Jump-In Veneto Casino

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