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Curacao cuisine

Local food in Curacao is called Krioyo (pronounced criollo) and is best compared to Caribbean cuisine and Latin American cuisine. The same dishes can be found in Aruba and Bonaire as well. Some of the […]

Outdoor activities in Curacao

  As you already know, the island of Curacao has a lot more to offer than beaches and snorkeling places. On this beautiful island there’s a lot more to do and admire than this. Being […]

Ocean Sky: A visitor’s opinion

  In October 2015, we had the pleasure to host Lily and Julio Pestana, a couple from Rio de Janerio, Brazil, who stayed in our Ocean Sky Penthouse for 4 days. Lily is the editor and […]

Nightlife in Curacao

  The island of Curacao has a diverse culture which means that you will have a lot of things to see when you’ll want to check out the island bars and clubs. There are a […]

Activities for children in Curacao

  So you’ve planned your vacation, choose your accommodation and just settled in. But what about the kids? I’m sure you want them entertained. Fortunately for you we’ve got you covered. You will see that […]